How do I gather Fax debugging information?

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How do I gather Fax debugging information?

Switchvox Steps

Notes: In Switchvox, you will need admin level access to the GUI.

  1. GoTo Server >  Advance debugging information
  2. Click on Start Debugging Session 
  3. Asterisk Command Line Interface
  4. Select the following Settings
  • Verbosity: 10
  • Capture UDPLT Messages: Yes
  • Capture SIP messages: Yes (Only if the fax is being received over SIP) 
  1. Download the file and upload it to the case.

Asterisk Steps:

Notes:  Any instance of '$CASE' should be replaced with the Digium Technical Support Case number, which will be in the format '87654321'.  Lines prefixed with a '#' character need to be run as root.  
  1. Take note of the versions of software in use: Asterisk, DAHDI, Libpri, res_fax, res_fax_digium
  2. From the command prompt, create a directory to store the files in.
#mkdir /tmp/$CASE
  1. Modify the /etc/asterisk/logger.conf file and modify the 'console' line to resemble the one below.
console => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose
Note: Make sure there is no ';' character at the beginning of your console line. The ';' character indicates the beginning of a comment, and is ignored for configuration purposes.
  1. Attach to the Asterisk CLI using the following command:
  #asterisk -gnrT | tee /tmp/$CASE/cli-capture.txt
  1. ow in the CLI issue the following commands:
logger reload
core set verbose 10
core set debug 10
sip set debug on
fax set debug on
fax set t38cap on
fax set g711cap on
fax show version
Note: The format of the above commands may change depending on your Asterisk version. If the above command reports "command not found" or "no such command", you can use the "help" command to identify the correct specification for your Asterisk build.
  1. Now grab your files and dump them in a tarball to submit
#tar -czvf $CASE_fax-debugging-captures.tar.gz /tmp/$CASE/ /var/log/asterisk/*cap/*
  1. You can now submit the file $CASE_fax-debugging-captures.tar.gz for analysis to the Digium Technical Support Case.
  1. Finally, you should undo all the additional debug features to set them back to the default settings:
  • Modify '/etc/asterisk/logger.conf' and restore your original console line
console => notice,warning,error
  • In the CLI run the following commands
logger reload
sip set debug off
core set debug 0
core set verbose 3
fax set debug off
fax set t38cap off
fax set g711cap off

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