What Does The Digit Map Mean and How Do You Change It In Switchvox?

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The digit map is the setting that describes different patterns of numbers. When a number matches a pattern, the number is sent to Switchvox to place the call.
The pattern may include a timer at the end. If no numbers are entered before the time expires, the number matching the pattern will be sent.
If additional numbers are entered before the time elapses, the pattern no longer matches.
Some issues if the pattern does not match include:

"Why does my call only work on the hook?"
"Why do I get a fast busy when trying to dial more than 3 digits?"

Many times you can fix problems such as these by altering the digit map, also known as the dial plan.

Viewing The Default Digit Map for a Digium Phone.
  1. Go to Setup > Extension > Manage
  2. Modify Extension
  3. Phone Settings > Digium Phones > Advance Options - See grayed out dial plan
Viewing The Default Digit Map for a Polycom or Snom Phone.
  1. Go to Setup > Phone Feature Packs > Modify Phone Setup Options - The fields under Digit Map Options are blank indicating they are using the default digit map.

Below is a sample dial plan (the default Digium Phone dial plan) and what it means:


This dial plan is set for:
0-8xx - 3 digit extension dialing
911 - dialing 911
9411 - dialing 9 then 411
9611 - dialing 9 then 611
9011xxx.T3 - dialing 9 then 011 then any digits given an amount of time for international calls
91xxxxxxxxxx - dialing 91 then exactly 10 digits for long distance calls
9[2-9]xxxxxx - dialing 9 then a number between 2-9 and exactly 6 other digits for local dialing
*xxx.T3 - dialing a * any 3 digits or more after a time

In most cases you do not need to change the digit map, and we do not support custom digit maps.

If you are having issues dialing out and you have concluded that the outgoing call rules are correct and applied to the extension, you can usually resolve these types of issues easily by using the universal digit map:


This will work for any type of dialing.

To apply the universal digit map:
  1. Follow the steps above for Viewing The Default Digit Map for the type of phone you have
  2. Replace, or input the universal dial plan into the field
  3. Save (this will reboot the phones, if it does not, manually reboot phones)
You can also Bulk Modify many extensions dial plan at once for Digium Phones:
  1. In /admin > Setup > Extensions Manage > Bulk Modify Extensions
  2. Choose the extensions you would like to modify
  3. Click the Phone Settings Tab > Override Dial Plan

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