How Do I Use the Cellular Option in the Switchvox Softphone App?

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By default, the Switchvox Softphone app is an IP Phone that is always registered to a Switchvox IP PBX. That means you can use the app to make and receive calls, and get real-time information from Switchvox.

The app’s Cellular option (introduced in version 1.1.2) turns off those ‘phone’ capabilities in the app. That means that you don’t receive incoming calls, and you don’t manage outgoing calls within the app (specifically, the Calls tab is never used in Cellular mode). To switch your Call Handling between Data and Cellular, use the app's Settings tab. (The app must be set up for Data call handling, even if you use Cellular most of the time.)

So, why would you use the Cellular option? If you don’t have a strong data connection on your iPhone, this option lets you handle your Switchvox calls using your cellular phone connection and your iPhone’s phone number.

When you add a Cellular Phone Number and Cellular is on:
  • The app declines incoming calls.
  • When you dial a number from the app (by tapping a Favorite contact, dialing in the keypad, etc.), the first thing that happens is that your Cellular Phone Number rings. Then, the call is placed to the number you dialed.
Also, by default the Background setting Disable phone registration is turned on when you switch to Cellular (and turned off when you switch to Data). When Disable phone registration is on, Unless you have the app open it doesn't register with Switchvox. When Cellular is on the app is not accepting calls, so there is no reason to register until you open the app.

How Do I Get Calls With the Cellular Option ON?

When Cellular is on, the app declines incoming calls. (What happens to the call depends on your call rules, but most likely the call will go to your voicemail.) Unless you are comfortable with that, you need to be sure that Switchvox will ring another phone when Cellular is on.

There are several Switchvox features for this situation, and they are all available in the Switchvox web suite under the Features menu.

Important: If you have converged Switchvox phones, log into your Main extension to set up these features.

Converged Phones

Create a Converged Phone that is your 10-digit Cellular phone number. We do not recommend using a dial prefix, see How Do I Allow 10-Digit Dialing? for details.

It’s important that you do this, so that your Switchvox call log can include calls that ring your cellular phone number.

Status Options

Create a Status Option for Available - CellPhone (or any name that makes sense to you).

Call Rules

  1. Create a Call Rule that is activated when your Status is Available - CellPhone.
  2. Put the new call rule high enough in the list that it will be activated appropriately (e.g., above call rules that are active for Any Status).
  3. In the new call rule, add a Ring All action that rings your Cellular phone number. If you want other phones to ring, you must include all of them in the list (you can list 3 numbers in each Ring All action).
  4. In the new call rule, add other actions as you like. For example, you probably want the call to ring a limited number of times (but not long enough to go to your cellular phone’s voicemail), then send the caller to your Switchvox voicemail).
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