How do I use the Switchvox Softphone?

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For Switchvox administrative information, see the article: How to Set Up and Manage Switchvox for the Switchvox Softphone.

What iPhone iOS versions and devices are supported for the Switchvox Softphone?

The 3.x and 4.x apps require iOS 10.
The 2.x app is supported on iOS 8.0, 9.0, or 10.0 for the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and the iPhone 6, 6plus. 

The app is not designed for the iPad.

What Android versions and devices are supported for the Switchvox Softphone?

The 3.x and 4.x apps require Android 5.0 or later. The app is officially supported on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. But a variety of other device and OS versions are successfully using the Switchvox Softphone app.

What version of Switchvox do I need for the Switchvox Softphone?

Switchvox version 6.3.3 or later is required for the app version 3.0 or later. Switchvox version 5.10 or later is required for earlier versions of the app, but we recommend you update to the latest version of Switchvox.

How do I configure the Switchvox Softphone to my extension?

Your Switchvox administrator must set up your SIP-Phone extension with a Softphone Assignment. Then, you can use the email you received from Switchvox, or you can scan the QR code from the Switchvox Web Suite.

What if I am not receiving incoming calls on my Softphone App?

A strong Internet connection is important, but it's also important that your phone has time to open the Softphone App if it isn't in the foreground. To allow for that time, make sure your Call Rules (Features > Call Rules, in the Switchvox Web Suite) use 7 rings before moving on to the next action, such as sending the call to voicemail. 

Also, the app's settings must allow notifications. Otherwise, you must have the app open in the foreground to receive calls.

Is Wi-Fi or cellular data used for the Switchvox Softphone?

The app uses Wi-Fi, or cellular data service from your service provider. Your operating system and settings determine which of those services is used. See the article How Do I Use the Cellular Option if you want to switch your Call Handling from Data to your cellular phone service.

What if I do not have a strong Internet connection on my phone?

The app relies on strong Internet service to stay in contact with Switchvox and to manage your conversations. A strong signal with good bandwidth and limited congestion is important. If your data service is weak (Wi-Fi or cellular data), you will experience poor call quality and possibly dropped calls. Also, if you are moving around and switching from cellular data to the Wi-Fi network that also serves your Switchvox, your active call may drop, depending on your network environment. See the article How Do I Use the Cellular Option if you want to switch your Call Handling from Data to your Cellular phone service.

What happens when I’m on a Switchvox call and my iPhone rings?

In past versions of the app, iOS would "steal" the audio from the app when the iPhone got a call. An inbound iPhone call would place your Switchvox call on hold so that you could take the iPhone call. That was better than hanging up on the Switchvox caller, but still a bad experience.

With iOS 10 and version 3.0 of the app, the iPhone’s CallKit lets Switchvox and iPhone calls share the call interface. That means
  • Your Switchvox calls are never put on hold for iPhone calls (or other audio). You choose what to do when each new call comes in. (Some providers do not support simultaneous voice and data connections, which will limit your ability to interact with iPhone calls and Switchvox calls together.)
  • An incoming Switchvox call can be quickly answered even when the app is closed and your iPhone is locked. (There is a known issue where you do not receive an incoming call if your iPhone is locked and the app is closed, but a future version of iOS should resolve that issue.)
If you need to use the advanced features of Switchvox, you can still open the app and tap the Calls tab. In 3.0, that tab offers all the same call-handling tools as it did in earlier versions of the app. 

Can I activate my call rules or my voicemail greeting with the Switchvox Softphone?

The app lets you see and change your Status. That can be used to control your call rules and the voicemail greeting that is played to your callers. Your Status can also be visible to your coworkers, which can help them to decide how to communicate with you. (Related: if you have converged Switchvox phone extensions, changing your Status in the app changes the Status of all converged Switchvox extensions.) 

Does the Switchvox Softphone have a Directory?

The app has 2 tabs for your contacts: Favorites and Contacts. You can set up Favorites to contain the people you communicate with often, and you’ll see their phone-state and their Status. Contacts include the entries in all of your phonebooks, plus the company directory as set up by the Switchvox administrator.

Can the Switchvox Softphone make calls via the phone itself?

Normally, calls are received and made within the app via Switchvox. See the article How Do I Use the Cellular Option if you want to switch your Call Handling from Data to your Cellular phone service.

Can I use my iPhone contacts in the Switchvox Softphone for iPhone?

Yes, you can view your iPhone contacts within the Contacts tab, and dial them via Switchvox. For related information, Switchvox administrators should see How Do I Allow 10-Digit Dialing?

I tried calling a phone contact via the app, why is it not working?

Switchvox outgoing call rules must be set up correctly to dial the phone number as it is shown in your phone contact. For related information, Switchvox administrators should see How Do I Allow 10-Digit Dialing?

If I put the phone on our local Wi-Fi network, can it contact Switchvox at its local network address?

No, the app always connects to the Switchvox external IP address. The main purpose of the app is mobility, so the app must be able to reach Switchvox from outside your local Wi-Fi network.

Does the Switchvox Softphone require a Subscription?

Yes, the app is a phone that registers to a Switchvox SIP-Phone extension. However, if you already have a subscription for your primary phone, the app can be an additional phone that does not require another subscription. 

How much data do I use when making calls?

Generally, 1,000 minutes of talk-time uses a gigabyte (GB) of data.

What is this notification from the app that it cannot register with Switchvox?

If you get the notification “Cannot register with Switchvox,” it means there was some trouble with your phone’s connection with the Internet and Switchvox. Open the app (press the home button twice to find the Switchvox Softphone app, and tap to open), and it will keep trying to register with Switchvox.

Note: for version 3.0 or later, this is no longer an issue.

How do I report issues or request features with the Switchvox Softphone?

We want to hear about how you are using the app, any issues you are having, and what other features would be useful. Please contact Digium technical support if you have questions or have trouble with the app, or send email with feature requests to

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