How to Set Up and Manage Switchvox for the Switchvox Softphone

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The Switchvox Softphone enables an iPhone or an Android phone to be used as a SIP phone with a Switchvox PBX. 

​Switchvox Admins use the Switchvox Admin Suite (/admin) to add a Softphone Assignment to a phone extension, and to set correct networking parameters as required by the app. If desired, the Switchvox Admin can also converge Softphone extensions with individual user desktop extensions. This document describes these Admin procedures.

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  • Administrative Access to Setup > Phones > Digium Phones
  • Switchvox SMB version 6.0 or later. 
There are three basic network topologies that can be used with the Switchvox Softphone. 
  • Switchvox in DMZ
  • Switchvox internal with port forwarding and NAT Reflection enabled
  • Switchvox internal with port forwarding and NAT Reflection disabled

NAT reflection is sometimes called NAT loopback, or NAT hairpinning. Without it, you must have a dual-resolve hostname for Switchvox. 

See What-are-the-Differences-among-the-Basic-Network-Topologies-Used-with-the-Switchvox-Softphone-for-iPhone for illustrations of each topology.

Setting Network Parameters for the Switchvox Softphone 

Set the following Networking values:

Server > Networking > IP Configuration

  • External IP address. Set to the exact IP address. 

Server > Networking > Access Control

  • All Networks. Set the following entities to On:
    • SIP
    • User API
    • Web User Portal (optional, allows app configuration via the email message)

Server > Networking > Phone Networks

Switchvox Softphone only uses the phone Network called All Networks.
Depending on your network topology, the All Networks Host Address must be as follows:

DMZExternal IP Address from IP Config
External hostname that resolves to that IP
Internal, NAT ReflectionExternal IP Address from IP Config
external hostname that resolves to that IP
dual-resolve hostname that resolves to that IP
Internal, no NAT ReflectionDual-resolve hostname that resolves to
Switchvox’s internal IP address from within
the network, and resolves to Switchvox’s
external IP outside of the network


Your edge firewall must pass data on these ports:

SIPTCP/UDP 5060Signaling port needed for phones outside of
your network.
SIPUDP 10000-20000RTP audio ports needed for phones outside of your network
HTTPSTCP 443HTTPS port for remote web admin access
SIPUDP55062Signaling port needed for  Verizon phones
outside of your network.

Softphone Assignment Advanced Options

Softphones using Verizon as a wireless carrier require the following Advanced Options:

Setup > Digium Phones > Softphones > Advanced Options

  • Select YES for Alternate Configuration Port

Softphone Assignments for SIP Phone Extensions 

Switchvox Admins can assign all SIP Phone extension numbers to phones in a Switchvox system. There are separate tabs for Desk Phones, Softphones, and Unassigned Extensions (extensions that don't have a phone). Open the following for Softphones:

Setup > Phones > Digium Phones > Softphones

  • Select theQuick-Create Assignments icon if you have several extensions to assign.
  • Select the Unassigned Extensions tab to see who doesn’t have a phone, and assign either a desk phone or a softphone to a single extension.
If you provide an email address that the user can read from his or her phone, that email message includes instructions and links for setting up the Switchvox Softphone. (If the Softphone Assignment is on an extension that is converged to a Main extension, then the email message will display the Main extension number and require the password to the Main extension number. The user can change the extension to the converged extension number, and use that password instead.)

The user can also download the app to his or her phone, and set up the app using the Switchvox Web Suite.

Converging Phones

Switchvox Admins can converge phones for the SIP Phone extensions in Switchvox.

Setup > Extensions > Converged Phones

Switchvox Admins can see all Converged Extensions, and create or modify Converged Extensions. 

Authorization isn't required when an Admin converges a Switchvox extension.

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