How to solve the problem writing to disk while upgrading phone firmware

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How to solve the problem writing to disk while upgrading phone firmware

When you are upgrading your Digium Phone firmware and you get the message:

Error Uploading Firmware: There was a problem writing the firmware to disk

Your firmware download may have been incomplete and you may be attempting to apply corrupted firmware to your phone. Please see the MD5 Sums on the Firmware page and compare those to your downloaded files. If this does not solve the problem you can point to public firmware following the steps below.

  1. Create an XML file pointing to a public firmware file.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
      <firmware model="D70" version="1_4_1_0_60822" url="" />
You would have to set the correct phone model (D40, D45, D50 or D70), firmware version and file. The list of available firmwares can be found here.

  1. Save this file in a directory reachable from the web server.

note: By default Apache uses the directories and files under /var/www

  1. Reconfigure the phone.

Menu -> Advanced -> Reconfigure 

  1. Use the XML file to reconfigure the phone. 

Once the phone is in the screen "Choose Digium Configuration Server", hit the softkey 'Settings' and then 'Fetch Configuration File From URL'.

Protocol: HTTP
Port: 80
Path: firmware.xml

When you are done hit 'Go'. For the example, the XML file (firmware.xml) is located in /var/www, which is the root of the web server.

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