Switchvox SMB 5.1 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.1 Release Notes


  • Spanish (ES and MX) and Italian are now supported for the new features in version 5.0. If you are already using a localized sound pack (not US-English), a set of new system sounds is installed for you when you update to 5.1. Any changes that you have made to the system sounds (not sounds that you created) will be over-written by the updated sound pack.
  • A driver is included to support the new Digium Echo Cancellation Module (VPMOCT032).

Issues Resolved

  • Switchboard
    • Current Call Panel no longer shows duplicate calls when using Firedialer to make calls
    • Pickup, Barge, and Monitor now work correctly under particular circumstances when using a Converged Phone
    • Resuming a call no longer leads to multiple Current Calls
    • Chat Panel now works properly in Chrome when trying to chat with an external jabber user
    • The Caller ID Name no longer disappears when a call is answered after a Ring All
    • Presence and callers are now shown correctly under particular circumstances involving a Rapid Transfer
    • Multiple, unrelated calls are no longer shown in 'Current Call' panel under particular circumstances
    • Switchboard (Jabber) Presence is now working correctly
    • Call Recording icon now flashes correctly during recording
    • Presence issues with converged extension device on a peered system
    • My Phone option now includes the correct label, not just the number
  • Monitoring and Recording now work properly when taking a queue call on a Converged Phone
  • Fax options are now properly stored for new extensions
  • The progress indicator on Manage Extensions no longer hangs when selecting a filter with no results
  • InCall Menu: Rapid Transfer to a peered system extension no longer fails
  • InCall Menu: Transfer now works correctly for most extensions types that are not phone-types 
  • Creating 24-hour clock time frames no longer fail (/main)
  • URI in authorization digest for T.38 calls now includes "sip:"
  • The Incoming Calls page no longer shows incorrect default routes for fax calls
  • Outgoing Call Rules now display properly with * for the "Number begins with" field
  • The Caller ID Name now displays correctly under particular circumstances
  • Using double quotes and ampersand for Converged Phones Label no longer gives an XML error
  • Removing a phone-extension's email no longer removes the extension's Fax/Voicemail Notification Emails
  • Extensions are now properly removed from Extension Groups when the extension is deleted
  • Unsupported browser page no longer requires admin-portal access
  • VOIP provider passwords now accept valid special characters
  • Phone Setup: 'Configured Phones' tab now displays correctly when the assigned extension has been deleted
  • Caller can now hear audio on outgoing call if made over PRI (early media issue)
  • Call Logs are now properly reporting assisted transfer details under certain circumstances
  • Several help links are now correctly displaying the context-based help file
  • Advanced Debugging now functions correctly where hardware issues were causing it to freeze
  • Busy status now shows correctly under particular circumstances when Rapid Transfer is used with an external number

NOTE:  This article describes version 5.1 (37469). Previous version is 5.0.2, later version is 5.1.1.
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