Switchvox SMB 5.5.5 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.5.5 Release Notes


  • Support for Digium's Hybrid telephony card.
  • Scheduled Call Recording Offload/Sync Schedule added. Offload/Sync can now be done once a day, or every 15 minutes.
  • Scheduled Queue Reports now allow multiple report fields.

Issues Resolved

  • Reset Interval setting added to BRI Bearer in Channel Groups.
  • Error page no longer displays when testing blank FTP settings for Scheduled Recorded Calls.
  • Code tuned to display Extension Permission page correctly.
  • Code adjusted so length of line does not wrap and cause html tags to be added to the dial plan when submitted.
  • Code adjusted to correct IE8 display issue in Switchboard.
  • Setting an Available status from a third-party chat client (e.g., Pidgin) is now used correctly by Call Rules using Any Available Status.
  • Status (presence and busy status) now display correctly on Digium Phones after system reload under certain conditions.
  • System adjusted so the Call Queue displays information appropriately on the Switchboard Overview pane.
  • Queues now correctly ring an agent who had previously blind transferred a queue call to an external number.
  • A queue member resuming from pause no longer increments the number of logged in users.
  • SNMP updated to correctly use the RAID controller.
  • Event Triggers correctly send information when logging into a queue from the Switchboard.
  • Deleted extensions now display account ID instead of <> on the call recording page.
  • Phone Networks 'Internal' now appropriately defaults to Direct Port Access YES.
  • For Polycom phones with a Phone Feature Pack, the Call Recording app now lets you choose which of multiple calls you want to record.
  • Issues Resolved in Digium Phones (1_1_1_49993)
    • When a phone is starting, during steps 2 through 7, pressing *86 restores the phone to factory defaults.
    • The phone no longer restarts when a rapid dial key is pressed that has a contact with no phone number.
    • Searching Contacts now ignores special characters (for example, pressing 663455 finds contacts named O'Neill).
    • Reset to Factory Defaults now consistently resets the phone's Admin password to 789.
    • Volume levels have been slightly adjusted for the headset and handset.
NOTE:  This article describes version 5.5.5 (49998). Previous version is 5.5.4, later version is 5.5.6.
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