Switchvox SMB 5.5.6 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.5.6 Release Notes


  • The Phone Networks page has additional settings for the Alternate Host (port, transport, and registration timing).

Issues Resolved

Digium Phones (1_1_2_0_51236)

  • Incoming calls can now be directly transferred (without answering) using one of the rapid dial keys without problems.
  • Active calls that are assisted transferred under particular circumstances no longer cause the screen to freeze.
  • Phones now connect properly when LLDP is used and configured with voice and voice-signaling LLDP-MED network policy.
  • Phones now correctly use Phone Networks settings for connecting to Switchvox over a remote LAN.

NOTE:  This article describes version 5.5.6 (51242). Previous version is 5.5.5, later version is 5.5.7.
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