Switchvox SMB Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB Release Notes (54165)

  • Digium Phones version (1_3_0_2_54153): The phone's LLDP-MED broadcast no longer contains a power over ethernet requirement. Broadcasting that requirement was causing Digium D70 phones to continually restart when connected to a particular network switch running a particular firmware version.

Version also includes the enhancements and resolved issues from version 5.7; that information is shown below. Version 5.7 itself is no longer available for update. Although the change in only effects Digium D70s connected to a particular switch and firmware, we recommend that any system running version 5.7 (53929) be updated to version (54165), and a backup be taken immediately following the successful update.

5.7 (53929)


Digium Phones (1_3_0_1_53901)

  • App Development Mode enables a developer to write custom apps. For information about writing custom apps for your Digium Phones, visit the Digium Phone API Information Center
  • A selection of language/locales is now available, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch. This selection affects the language displayed on the phone, the date and time display, and these tones: busy, dial tone, call-waiting beep, congestion (fast busy), and ringback. Also, you can select a 12- or 24-hour clock. (Menu > Preference > Language)
  • Additional QoS settings provide more networking options.
  • A new Electronic Hook Switch option lets you specify a Jabra IQ or Plantronics headset for EHS.
  • Phones can now be restarted by holding down multiple keys (7,5,3) simultaneously for 5 seconds.

You can take advantage of these new Digium Phone features using Switchvox's interface:

  • The new Digium Phone Apps tool lets you deploy custom phone apps to your Digium Phones
    (Tools > Extension Features).
  • New Custom Extension Settings let you define your own custom settings for phone extensions
    (Setup > Settings > Custom Settings tab).
  • Digium Phones automatically use the language/locale defined for a Switchvox phone extension. However, if you prefer to use a different language/locale on the phone than you have defined in Switchvox, you must make that selection on the phone itself.
    (Menu > Preferences > Language.)
  • The Phone Networks tool reflects the new Digium Phone QoS settings (Server > Phone Networks).
  • You can manage your EHS preference in an extension's Digium Phone settings.


Issues Resolved


  • When a queue member transfers an incoming queue call to a number in their phonebook via the Switchboard drag-and-drop interface, without first answering the call, that call no longer counts as a missed call for the queue member. The status of the transferred call is displayed in the Queue Log as "Completed" if the call was answered by the extension the call was transferred to; or, "Abandoned" if the call was not answered by that extension.
  • Numbers on daily Concurrent Call reports now are in agreement with the numbers on a multi-day Concurrent Calls report.
  • Code now checks for non-printable unicode control characters in caller ID names and removes them. This eliminates XML Errors on Call Logs, Voicemail, and Call Recording pages.
  • Switchboard panels now do not "disappear" when dragged and dropped off the screen to the left.
  • Call queue now rings every member in the queue and does not bypass the last member under certain circumstances.
  • Can now add an additional line via the Phone Feature Pack using hostnames that contain hyphens (e.g., sample-domain.com).
  • Call details for the 12AM and 12PM hours are now in correct order for the "View Report" option of Call Reports.
  • Calls no longer get stuck in the Switchboard "current calls" panel under certain circumstances.
  • Failed Backups no longer leave a system unregistered.
  • Intercom and Paging calls no longer ring phones when they are on DND status.
  • Calls made using the call creation API no longer cause duplicate recordings to be made under certain circumstances if the calls are recorded.
  • Blind transfer calls to external callers now have their caller ID set correctly.
  • Adding a second line to a Digium Phone Assignment no longer causes the phone to lose configuration settings.

Digium Phones

  • LLDP with voice-signaling enabled is now managed correctly across all phone models (QoS settings have also changed; see Enhancements).

NOTE:  This article describes version (54165). Previous version is 5.7, later version is 5.7.1.
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