Switchvox SMB 5.7.2 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.7.2 Release Notes


  • Support for T1-only use of these Digium telephony cards: TE820, TE133, and TE134.
    • Support for the TE820 and TE133 is only for T1 use on newer Switchvox appliances that support PCI-express.
    • Support for the TE134 is only for T1 use on Switchvox appliances 60, 65, 305, and 355 with PCI. 
    • E1 is not supported for these cards with Switchvox.
  • Digium Phone firmware 1_3_2_0_54993, new settings are available:
    • PC Port Mode and LAN Port Mode, which set the speed and duplex mode for LAN and PC Ports. These default to Auto, which lets the switch determine the speed.
    • PC Port VLAN settings, which set the VLAN ID and priority for the PC that is plugged into the phone. The default is to not send VLAN information to the PC. Having these specific settings ensures that active calls are not interrupted by changes to the PC.

Issues Resolved

  • Internal Directory and Phonebook contacts are now correctly restored on Digium Phones after a clean install/backup restore of Switchvox. 
  • Form-validation for an Incoming DID Route  is more thorough and has more informative error messages. 
  • Outgoing Call Rule "Failover Call Through Providers" now displays correctly when the rule is modified in the GUI.
  • Scheduled reports now accurately reflect individual queue login times for members logged into multiple queues.  
  • System was adjusted so a time frame name can contain an apostrophe without causing problems with the IVR Menu display. 
  • The API method switchvox.callRecordings.recordedCalls.search now contains a correct downloadable link for each call recording found when a search is executed.
  • Digium Phone firmware 1_3_2_0_54993:
    • D40 and D50 phones now connect to the correct VLAN when used with certain LLDP-enabled switches.
    • The Apps screen now refreshes after a custom phone app is installed/deleted via Switchvox. 
    • When you adjust the call volume using the volume bar when using the handset, now the volume for the next call is reset to the default volume after you hang up, if the Reset Volume After Each Callsetting is on.
    • Translations have been corrected for "reset volume" and "updating firmware" in French, and "Info" in Spanish. 
    • To improve display, phone software was adjusted so account and voicemail lines on the Line Info screen only splits when line length exceeds the display width. 
    • Text displays for Portuguese (PT) and Dutch (NL) languages now align properly. 
    • Voicemail Message Playback in the Voicemail app will not stop if the listener switches from the handset to the speaker then back to the handset.
    • Local contacts no longer disappear from the Rapid Dial Keys when firmware is updated via the phone's web interface.
NOTE:  This article describes version 5.7.2 (55003). Previous version is, later version is 5.7.3.
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