Switchvox SMB 5.8.5 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.8.5 Release Notes

Enhancements & Changes

Digium Phone Voicemail App: Require Password

You can set each phone extension's Digium Phone Settings to require the user's numeric password before opening the Voicemail App.

Digium Phone Voicemail App: Screen Voicemail

Press the Msgs button when a caller is leaving you a voicemail message. The Voicemail App lets you screen and answer the call, or answer it immediately. When you press Answer, you’re connected to the caller and the message in your mailbox ends.

You'll know when someone is leaving you a message: two lights blink in amber (message waiting indicator, and your line key), and there is a recording icon in the main screen's title bar. 

By default, extensions have permission to use voicemail screening. The admin can turn this off in extension management.

Digium Phone Sound Settings: Call Waiting Tone

Digium Phones can be set to play, or not play the call waiting tone while you are on another call. (This is the tone that plays during an active call, when another call is coming in. That includes an intercom or page.)

Digium Phones now have a progress indicator during firmware updates.

SMTP has two new settings for port and encryption, which can be used as required by your SMTP server.

Alerts Manager lets administrators subscribe to system alerts.

Polycom Phone Feature Packs now support configuration for these Polycom VVX phones with firmware 5.0.2 Rev D: 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, 600. For a description of what Phone Feature Packs offer, see Switchvox Phone Feature Packs.

Change: In Peered Switchvoxes, the Published to Peer tab has been deprecated. All extensions on a peered Switchvox are automatically published for use by the peer. The peer can choose which peered extensions to include in its Internal Directory (Tools > Contacts).

Change: Time Frame selection has been removed from the call rules' block rules settings.

Alerts Manager

Tools > Alerts Manager

The admin can subscribe one or many people to various alerts. Alert Levels: 

  • Info: Information that does not include failures or data loss.
  • Warning: Warnings that failures or data loss could happen.
  • Error: Failures or data loss.


  • Backups: Issues creating backup files, or transferring them to the FTP server.
  • Call Recordings: Issues creating call-recording files, or transferring them to the FTP server.
  • Faxes: Issues receiving faxes.
  • Peered Switchvoxes: Issues syncing data, and extension conflicts with the peer.
  • Scheduled Reports: Issues scheduling or running reports.
  • System: Issues with memory, disk, or load.
  • Voicemail: Errors saving voicemail.

Issues Resolved

  • Digium telephony card drivers are updated to correct an issue with specific cards used on the Switchvox 450 and 470. This is not an issue for other Switchvox appliances. Cards: The A4 and A8 series, TE133, TE235, and TE435. If you are using a Switchvox 4X0, you must shut down and remove power from the appliance. (Complete the update to 5.8.5, shut down the appliance using Server > System Reload: Server Shut Down, remove power from the appliance, and then reconnect power and power on the appliance.)
  • Agent Login Extension can now be called from outside the local Switchvox.
  • When changing a Digium Phone's Rapid Dial Key settings on a main extension that has converged phones, that now affects converged Digium Phones.
  • A change to the default Phonebook of a main extension with converged phones no longer affects the Phonebook on unauthorized converged phones.
  • An Outgoing Call Rule that contains invalid data can no longer cause various dial features to fail.
  • Digium Phone setting Enable Line Keys for Rapid Dial now correctly uses line keys as rapid dial keys.
  • Sound Type settings in the Conference Room's general settings now correctly reflect user changes.
  • A Peered Switchvox can now be deleted from the Peered Switchvox page even if it is used in an Outgoing Call Rule as Failover.
  • Extension Templates now correctly allow the G729 codec to be turned on under the Phone Settings tab when creating or modifying, only with a registered G729 license.
  • Adding and removing an extension to a set of extensions no longer causes a blank line to display in the set.
  • Personal call rules call blocking action is now only blocking based on the number, not additional conditions.
  • Period (.) now allowed in FTP path.
  • After restoring from a backup, user-created custom Music On hold groups and the files they contain can now be modified and deleted.
  • Backups now complete successfully where they were failing under particular circumstances: using a language/locale other than English (US or UK), and creating mailbox folders using the Switchvox IMAP account in an email browser.
  • Extension Groups Name and Note fields can now contain special characters.
  • Queue Acknowledgement is now correctly turned off when a queue call is blind transferred to an external number or to a peered Switchvox extension.
  • COLOMBIA operating mode has been corrected for all Digium cards.
  • "Force change of password on next login" option now displays the change password page when trying to login with a weak password.
  • When adding additional lines to a Digium phone, the interface now only allows users to add as many additional lines as the phone has line keys for.
  • Call Recordings saved with minimum length disabled are now correctly displayed.
  • When a Digium phone is converged to a Polycom Phone any new extensions added to the original phonebook will now populate the Digium phone correctly.
  • Access Control rule for SIP now opens the correct RTP port as specified by the admin.
  • Restoring a backup with a fax license no longer causes calls to fail under particular circumstances.
  • Caller ID consistency improved for Cascade and Ring All rules.

Digium Phone firmware 1_4_2_0_63880

  • An incoming call during a transfer no longer becomes the transfer target, which happened under particular circumstances.
  • Softkeys now display correctly when using the Voicemail app > Details > More > Forward.
  • Transferring one call while another is incoming no longer stops the incoming call ringing when the transfer completes.
  • Digium Phone speaker light now correctly lights up when off-hook after using the Voicemail App under particular circumstances.
  • When Info is pressed while the phone is off-hook, followed by a rapid dial key for a contact, the contact detail page now opens correctly.

NOTE:  This article describes version 5.8.5 (64078). Previous version is, later version is 5.9.
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