Updating to Switchvox 6.1.1

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Switchvox SMB 6.1.1 Release Notes

This article describes the issues resolved in Switchvox 6.1.1 (78597) on 03/10/16.  See also: Known Issues.

This version requires version 6.1 (78178). Please see the important information in the article Updating to Switchvox 6.1 if you have Digium Phones attached to Switchvox.

Issues Resolved

  • The ringing strategies Least Recently and Fewest now correctly continue to ring queue members in strategy order.
  • A second call to a Rapid Dial contact no longer makes the contact's status incorrect.
  • When a queue member's personal call rules Cascade a queue call to another number, Switchvox now considers the call as coming from the queue. (This is not true if a Forward call rule is used.)
  • Queue setting Receive call while on call no longer causes problems for transferring calls.
  • Call Logs no longer report direct inbound calls as outgoing from the extension.
  • Call Logs now correctly reflect the line that ended the call.
  • Calls with ringtone information that are sent outside Switchvox are no longer rejected because of the ringtone information in the header. 
  • IP addresses are now blocked for too many unsolicited SIP Invites and options messages, not just for failed log ins and phone registrations. 

NOTE:  This article describes version 6.1.1 (78597). Previous version is 6.1, later version is
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