Updating to Switchvox 6.3

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This article describes the issues resolved in Switchvox version 6.3 (81315). See also: Known Issues.

This version requires version 6.1.2 (84996). 

Multicast for Digium Phones

Switchvox administrators can manage a list of prioritized multicast addresses, and configure Digium Phones to listen to those addresses. A Digium Phone listens for transmissions from the indicated addresses, and plays the transmission

  • From the address that is highest on the list (1 has priority)
  • Out of the Digium Phone’s speaker
  • Regardless of the state of the phone (e.g., on a call or do not disturb)

For details, see How do I use multicast and a third-party paging adapter with Switchvox?

Multiple Parking Lots

Switchvox administrators can create more than one Call Parking extension, referred to as a Parking Lot, and give each of them a name. Call Parking Timeout settings specify how long the call should remain parked, and the extension the call should go to after that period of time. (Leave the extension number blank if you want the call to return to the person who parked it.)

Each extension has one Default Parking Lot that is used by the Parked Calls apps (in Digium Phones and Switchboard). But, any Switchvox user can dial a Parking Lot extension to answer a call, or (with permissions) a Parking Space extension to answer a parked call.

Name this Switchvox

Switchvox administrators who manage multiple on-premises Switchvoxes can label each Switchvox to see clearly which system they are working on. The text from the new Label setting (found under Server > IP Configuration > Advanced Options) is displayed under the Welcome dropdown.

Issues Resolved

  • Polycom firmware has been updated for Switchvox Phone Feature Packs. Polycom phones should be rebooted after the Switchvox update.
  • In the Salesforce.com plugin, caller ID information is no longer lost when ending a call.
  • The maximum-character limit on Switchboard Layouts is increased, to allow for layouts with a large number of contacts within contacts and tags widgets.
  • Voicemail messages are no longer trimmed of silence at the end of the recording (you can adjust the silence allowed in the Tools > Voicemail settings).
  • Multimedia chat using screensharing no longer has audio problems through the screenshare. (This is unrelated to audio on a phone call.)

NOTE:  This article describes version 6.3 (81315). Previous version is 6.2.1, later version is 6.3.2.
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