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Admins gives you a means to manage Switchvox accounts. It has two parts: Manage and My Account.


You can create multiple sub-admin users, each with their own permissions. This way, you can assign Switchvox administrative tasks to various people and limit their access to just the tasks they need to perform.

Manage Admins

Click Create Admin to display the Create Admin page.

General Information Tab

Create Admin

Enter a new Login Name for the admin, then enter and re-enter a new Password. The password is case-sensitive, and it can contain special characters. The strength of the new password is indicated, to help you create a good password. Leave the box checked for Force password change at next login, unless you really want your new sub-admin to use the password that you created. If the sub-admin creates a weak password, Switchvox shows you with an alert.

Permissions Tab

You can set this sub-admin’s access for each of the main sections in Switchvox.

Create Admin Permissions
You can block the sub-admin from using a section at all, or let him or her see the information in that section, or make changes (which allows full access for that section). Click Save Admin, and the Manage Admins page is displayed with the new subadmin included in the Admins list.

To modify a sub-admin, click its Modify icon.

To delete a sub-admin, click its Delete icon.

My Account

This is the information for your administration account.

My Account

Language and Locale

My Account Languages

The Switchvox web-based tool suite is available in several languages:

  • English for United States
  • English for United Kingdom
  • Spanish for Spain
  • Spanish for Mexico
  • Italian

If you choose to use a language other than English for US, be aware that all other languages and locales handle dates with the format of dd/mm/yyyy (as opposed to mm/dd/yyyy).

New Password

This is the password for this account. Leave blank if there are no changes.

Administration accounts can have extensive control over Switchvox, so you should use a very strong password to protect this account. Strong passwords are fairly long, and combine letters, numbers, and special characters.

Retype New Password

For verification, enter the new password again.

Minimalist Mode

This mode presents the Web Suite interface with reduced graphics. If Minimalist Mode is set to YES, the following are true:

  • Background graphic and larger graphics on buttons and tabs are removed.
  • Some text, especially in section headers, is smaller.
  • Animations are removed.
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