Switchvox SMB 5.10 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.10 Release Notes


This version offers support for the Switchvox Softphone for iPhone app. Please see the following for details:

Issues Resolved

  • To address TA14-290A (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, or POODLE), SSLv3 is disabled for affected services. CUPS is still vulnerable because SSLv3 cannot be disabled, so admins are encouraged to disable 'Printing' service for the Access Control rule 'All Networks' (Server > Networking > Access Control).
  • Extension Permission for using the Switchboard Chat Panel no longer affects the proper loading of the Switchboard Phonebook panel.
  • Forwarding voicemail messages to Peered Switchvox extensions is now working correctly.
  • In the scheduled call recordings list of recorded calls, the filter option Extension Group can now be used correctly.
  • Email notifications of a voicemail message are now being correctly sent to the second (and other) email addresses listed.

NOTE:  This article describes version 5.10 (70448). Previous version is
5.9, later version is 5.11.


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