Switchvox SMB 5.5.3 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.5.3 Release Notes

Issues Resolved


  • Outgoing calls using P-Asserted Caller-ID method no longer populate Caller ID with the provider's account ID.
  • Switchboard no longer causes the web browser to over-use desktop resources when viewing many queue panels or queues with a large number of members.
  • Parking and Queue LED Indicators now work correctly on Polycom and Digium Phones, except in the case of an Agent Login Extension, where that extension is set to affect all queues.
  • Parked calls no longer hang up when they are supposed to be returned to the extension that parked them. This happened when a ringing call was parked.
  • The main extension of an external converged phone now correctly shows busy status when the converged phone is on a call.
  • Internal calls that are cascaded out no longer fail over particular SIP providers.
  • Polycom firmware is updated to version 3.2.6 for the following models: IP320/330, IP321/331, IP335, IP430, IP450, IP550, IP560, IP650, IP670, IP6000, IP7000, VVX 1500.
  • Polycom IP 550 and 650 phones may no longer reboot when using handsfree mode, but we are not able to verify this for all environments. This fix is based on the firmware update to 3.2.6.
  • Error logs are no longer filling up with unnecessary statements about phone configuration files.
  • A call no longer requires acknowledgement when it's routed out of a queue that is set to acknowledge calls.
  • Call recordings filtered by date range now correctly return recordings through midnight on the end-date.
  • Opening Features > Phone Features on an analog phone extension now displays correctly.
  • Converged analog phones now transfer correctly from the InCall Menu's rapid dial option.
  • Checking voicemail from a system using a non-English language pack no longer fails because it can't find a particular sound file.
  • Connection status for a SIP peer with host-list entries no longer incorrectly shows as unreachable.
  • Average and Max wait-time for completed calls is now reported correctly when using the API method switchvox.users.callQueues.getTodaysStatus.
  • A call that is blind-transferred to the parked calls extension no longer has an incorrect incoming call in the call report.
  • Using 'ignore weekends' in a call report now works correctly.
  • When a phone extension that does not have converged phones permission tries to create one, this no longer causes load and memory usage to climb.
  • Logging into and out of a queue using the Queue Panel no longer causes Switchboard performance issues.
  • Call Logs can now be searched for an incoming DID of 3 digits.

Digium Phones (1_0_4_45906)

  • The phone now reboots when it detects that it's on a different network, and is idle.
  • The phone now assigns the VLAN QoS priority to RTP.
  • The "Reset Volume After Each Call" now behaves correctly under circumstances that previously caused the handset volume to be 0.
  • The phone now displays Status correctly (on- or off-call, and communications status) for peered extensions on a Rapid Dial Key. Be sure that the extension's Jabber ID is correct in the Phonebook entry, and that the peered Switchvox is running 5.5.3 or later.

NOTE:  This article describes version 5.5.3 (46109). Previous version is 5.5.2, later version is
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