Switchvox SMB 5.5.4 Release Notes

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Switchvox SMB 5.5.4 Release Notes


  • Phone Networks now includes an Alternate PBX Address setting. In the event that a Digium Phone can no longer reach Switchvox at the PBX Address, the Phone will register to the Alternate PBX Address. If this happens, the Phone will be in Failover Mode, and many of its Phone Applications won't be available for use. However, the phone should be able to make and receive calls over this alternate host.
  • Spanish (ES and MX) and Italian are now supported for the new features in version 5.5. 
  • Digium Phones (1_1_0_0_48178)
    • Phones failover to the specified Alternate PBX Address if the primary PBX is not available.
    • EHS can be used with a Plantronic wireless headset
    • A Select Network tool lets you choose one of your Phone Networks, if necessary.
    • Phones check for SRV records in DNS.

Issues Resolved

  • System tuned for better browser performance when using Switchboard.
  • System tuned so that Digium Phone apps use the correct host per the Phone Networks. 
  • System adjusted to enable a Queue/Park Status Indicator on Digium and Polycom phones to use Agent Login Extensions that are set to affect all queues.
  • IVR editor adjusted to prevent a "Stop Script" error  when  IVRs  are long.
  • System adjusted to better handle XML uploaded as External Contacts.
  • System adjusted so calls routed through a call queue preserve caller ID.
  • System adjusted so the System Clock works correctly when an admin user is using a Language/Locale other than US English.
  • System tuned so analog and virtual extensions have access to the Digium Phones tab in the web tool.
  • System tuned so backups include the External Contacts.
  • System adjusted so both cascade and ring all set the correct caller ID when the call originates from IAX and DAHDI trunks.
  • System adjusted to filter out unnecessary nightly update email messages.
  • Translations added where missing.
  • Missing voicemail icon now available in the Switchboard Phonebook panels.
  • System adjusted so a contact details page on a Digium Phone reports status if the contact is a peered Switchvox extension.
  • System adjusted so new admin accounts display Disk Usage in the dropdown menu.
  • System adjusted to prevent system a error when Open Enrollment is enabled and a Digium Phone is unassigned and restarts.
  • System adjusted to not cause an error when changing passwords for a Digium Phone.
  • System adjusted so Extend API method switchvox.users.callQueues.getList returns the correct loggedin_status.
  • System adjusted so error report is formatted correctly.
  • System adjusted so Phonebook entries display correctly in the web suite under specific circumstances.
  • System adjusted so Event Triggers of On New Voicemail Event include the correct variables.
  • System adjusted so the restore process from a backup updates Jabber Hostname correctly.
  • System adjusted to stop Switchboard and chat services from crashing with using contacts in an external chat client.
  • Digium Phones (1_1_0_0_48178)
    • Phones adjusted to extract alert-info elements from angle brackets.
    • Phones adjusted to transfer contacts, ringtones, and logos properly from ftp(s) hosts.
    • Phones adjusted to clear static IP settings after reconfigure attempts.
    • Phones adjusted so that DTMF tones are sent before a 200 OK is received.
    • Phones adjusted to prevent an incorrect message (Press 7 to undelete message) while playing voicemail messages.
NOTE:  This article describes version 5.5.4 (48406). Previous version is, later version is 5.5.5.
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